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Funded Web Promotion:The Pro SEO can take the mystery and confusion out of your PPC advertising campaign strategy. Let us manage it properly by jump-starting the traffic your site deserves.

Creating a PPC campaign can seem daunting at first, but with our expert consulting and guidance we can design a custom campaign for you that maximizes the effectiveness of your budget and helps you to reach a larger percentage of your target audience. Bid strategies can be very confusing, especially since they fluctuate with various search engines.  Let us guide you on the ends and outs and help you decide what the best search engine choices are to reflect your budget. 


It’s important to remember that any results generated with your PPC campaign are part of the bigger picture of the SEO strategy that we will have in place for you.  Keyword selection, relevant content that can be easily associated on the sponsored sites and associated search results ads as well as the expert design of your site and landing page in order to allow click-through traffic to ultimately become transactions and your customers are all factors that we will integrate for you to make the return on investment in your PPC strategy 100% worth-while. 


Quality traffic is more important that quantity for generating the growing and reliable customer base that you need.

We don’twant to focus on just generating traffic for you. We’d rather that the trafficwe help you bring to your site is quality traffic…thetargeted people you ideally want as your customers.  This understanding ofyour needs and focus is what separates The Pro SEO from therun of the mill SEO services provider.  


We will provide you with tracking service expertise to determine whatkeywords are working the best and which search engines are delivering so thatwe can mind your budget and make changes where and when necessary. This way, wecan keep an eye on what the real cost per click (CPC) bottom line is for youverses your clicks into customers conversion rate and sales generated.

The ProSEO works with your PPC budget for the best campaign management and a landing page design sure to deliver results!

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